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Beaver Mountain

Jason Andersen, Feb. 6, 2021
  Beaver Mountain snow run

My last three days has prompted memories of Jason and the three resorts tale from youth. You remember the one, right?

The first one, Snow King was too steep and crusty. When they say that resort is steep, listen. Views on the other hand are sweet. I moved on quickly.

That night it snowed and I tried my luck at White Pine. It wasn't crusty but lacked something. I enjoyed the change from wind blown crust but couldn't get the energy flowing. In a word it was too SOFT. The long chair ride times probably factored in.

Then I saw on the map a third resort: Beaver Mountain. I gotta say it was just right. Even though I was one day late stormwise, This little resort had alot to like. The only downside was somebody let the word out. It was busy (see lift line pics above)

I ran across Cory a Utah State marketing major and powder line draftsman on the Marge's Lift. He kept us bombing into the trees cutting powder lines. Hitting fresh right to the last run past 2PM.

So the moral of this ramble: if you must choose, skithebeav.com. I'd recommend a weekday.


Jason Andersen, Feb 3, 2021

Pomerelle had the goods today. Bluebird powder day! The follow-up storm in Tahoe was a major bust so I red bulled™ the drive across Nevada and rode Pomerelle today. Happy to say the 3-4 inches of cold blower powder here was better than the wet slop that was facing me in Kirkwood if I had stayed.

Pomerelle is another two lift mountain with one serving beginners and the other ramping to the top of the slope. Though the entire place has little to advertise as steep, I had fun ripping through the top bowl. The snow condition made up for the pitch. Photo below.

The trees to the right of the main chair coming off the top give you alot of cool lines and with the crowd today, you'd never have to follow an old track.

In fact, I found myself thinking I would like to see more people out. It's hard to keep the stoke when you hardly see another soul.

Another great add to the #IndyRevolution. I would have rode all day but driving most of the night kinda took a toll on me.

Thanks for the add, I'm going to track over to Snow King for tomorrow.

Anyone wanna ride?

China Peak

Jason Andersen, Jan 31, 2021
China Peak in central California  

China Peak in Central (not southern) California was going off this weekend! After struggling to be open, the dump of around six feet brought the entire Fresno valley out and the stoke was real.

I arrived early and was glad I did when (IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THOSE VISITING) I found that Indy Pass cannot be redeemed at the main ticket window. Guest services has to be called on to redeem.

Interestingly this put me in the same line with season pass holders who were picking up their pass for the first time this year!

Yep, first day of the season for many was Jan 30th. Kind of puts all of our seasons in perspective doesn't it.

Folks there were making up for it with the beautiful powder that laid level and dry (see the temp photo above)

The stoke was amazing being basically an opening day bluebird powder day for many.

So the good: the resort is legit and they were running 4 of 6 chairs with limited staff. The blue runs off chair 2 kept me busy all day on Saturday and I saved the black runs off chair 1 for Sunday morning. Under chair 1, there are some legitimate black diamond slopes though the trees but most of the mountain is more gently sloping.

The bad: the road in was an adventure. Hats off to the crew that blasted through 30 miles of neck deep snow. That said, the narrow winder attracted innumerable sledders and picnic aficionados that added to resort traffic gummed up travel for many.

I recognized a wreck coming and shorted my Sunday to one session as I can imagine it took hours to get out after 4PM.

My recommendation: hit China Peak if you are able! Try to avoid the weekend crowd as they are open Thurs-Monday.

This coming week will be prime as another system is set to refresh the snowpack.

So, so long. Thanks #IndyRevolution! I'm off to Tahoe.